IMM eSign

eSignatures and Enterprise-Wide Document Handling

Manual document signing can be burdensome and error-prone, creating obstacles to consumer satisfaction. Meanwhile, as digital banking grows, customers and members are increasingly comfortable with and even expect quick-to-sign, legally binding documents electronically. IMM/eSign is designed to accommodate that expectation. This enterprise-wide electronic document presentment and eSignature platform helps you manage and enable end-to-end omnichannel documentation and signing capabilities. And with IMM’s over 20 years in the financial industry, you can count on our eSignature solution designed with banking needs in mind.

Key Features

Business System
  • Enterprise-Wide Document Integration: Ensure a simplistic, error-free initiation of eSignature transactions directly from any business system.
  • Customer Self-Service: Employees no longer need to decide who signs where and what signatures are required.
  • Automated Processing: Documents are automatically set up for eSignature processing.
  • Custom Documents: Build custom eForms, accept printer-ready documents and produce fill-from-screen eForms.
  • Comprehensive Capabilities: With a complete spectrum of document handling technologies, virtually any document or form can be processed, creating a comprehensive end-to-end electronic environment.
  • In-Person Signing Options: Enable in-branch customers to sign documents through device-less signing (type signature), traditional signature pads, or tablet and touch-based devices.
  • Remote Signing: Enable digital signing through cloud-based services, affording convenience for consumers to eSign when and where they desire.
  • Modern Security Measures: Leverage authentication for mobile or remote devices to ensure valid signatures.
  • Document Archive: Index and store signed documents into imaging/ECM for future reference.
  • Complete Audit Trail: Carry documents throughout the business system from signing to archive without needing a physical file or copy.


  • Provide Intuitive User and Consumer Experience
    Deploy multi-channel eSignature capabilities with responsive design and intuitive guidance across in-person and remote signing options.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Errors
    IMM manages all aspects of the eSignature transaction, eliminating errors often associated with manual eSignature solutions.
  • Streamline Front-End Employee Experience
    IMM eSign delivers powerful processing capabilities to your employees in an enhanced, dynamic user interface.
  • Enhance Your Overall Digital Strategy
    Enable fully digital interactions for employees and customers, furthering your digital strategy and providing essential banking services for digital-first customers.
  • Leverage a Knowledgeable Partner
    IMM works exclusively with financial institutions to ensure their solutions and functionality suit your needs.