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Hawthorn River Exception Tracking

Numerous institutions still use separate spreadsheets to manage exceptions, a tedious process prone to errors and noncompliance with lending policies. Hawthorn River Exception Tracking eliminates the hassle by automatically monitoring exceptions and reminders across all accounts, customers and collateral in an intuitive cloud-based platform.

Key Features

Consolidated Exceptions and Ticklers
  • Unified Platform: Track exceptions and ticklers across all loans, deposits, customers and collateral in a single location.
  • Automated Exception Generation: Streamline the process of identifying discrepancies and issues within accounts, customers and collateral.
  • Exceptions Across Accounts: Track exceptions across various account types, including loans, deposits and CDs.
High-Level Insight into Exceptions
  • Robust Relationship Structures: Link ticklers and exceptions to specific loans, deposits, customers or collateral, facilitating efficient management and decision-making processes.
  • Real-Time Dynamic Reporting: View exceptions in a dynamic dashboard that highlights parameters like customer details, loan officer and document-specific ticklers.
Streamlined Operations
  • Secure Customer Portal and File Delivery: Borrowers can easily request or review files through an intuitive interface, enhancing engagement and expediting the document exchange process.
  • Real-Time Integration with CenterDoc 2.0: Enable bi-directional document viewing and management in real time, fostering a cohesive workflow environment.


Eliminate dual data entry

By capturing tickler data during document upload, the platform eliminates the need for multiple lists or spreadsheets, thereby reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

Enable Convenient Online File Requests and Automated Fulfillment

Request required documents from borrowers via a secure portal, with the option for automated requests.

Make Smart Use of Data and Reporting

Real-time reports and dashboards provide valuable insight into ticklers and exceptions across all accounts, enabling informed decision-making and proactive management.

Streamline the Image Management Process

The platform’s real-time integration with CenterDoc facilitates single-click bi-directional document loads, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Track Non-Document Ticklers

The solution extends its tracking capabilities beyond document-related ticklers, enabling users to monitor exceptions across all banking facets on a single cloud-based platform.