Digital Communication and Engagement

Available in 3 distinct packages, LinkLive empowers bankers to improve their digital experience via secure voice, chat, video, file attachments and desktop-sharing capabilities. It also offers upgrades to further elevate the digital experience, enable self-service and create a tailored experience that aligns with your preferences.

Key Features

Holistic Digital Communication:
  • Customer Service Chat: Respond to and advise customers with simple, text-based responses.
  • Video Sessions (Available with Opt-In): Enhance engagement with video communication.
  • Multimedia Sessions: Enjoy multimedia capabilities, including voice and file attachments.
Smarter Customer Service:
  • Desktop Share: View the customer’s screen to accelerate troubleshooting and eliminate ineffective walkthroughs and unnecessary branch visits.
  • Idle Agent Routing: Efficiently route interactions to available agents.
  • Outlook Integration for Secure Mail (Available with Opt-In): Seamlessly integrate secure email communication.
Reporting and Analysis:
  • Customer Journey History with 2nd Party Data: Enhance the historical view of your customers with 2nd party data, seamlessly integrated into CRM and other customer data sources.
  • Premium Reporting: Track your critical KPIs in real-time with a comprehensive set of standard and ad-hoc reporting capabilities.
Improved In-Person Support:
  • Appointment Scheduling: Allow customers to book appointments via your website and mobile app, with categorized calendars for services and locations.
  • Multimedia Conference Rooms: Offer personalized collaboration spaces for agents and licensed professionals to engage with customers. Each user enjoys their own dedicated virtual lobby with a permanent URL and full multimedia capabilities.
  • Social Media Channels: Extend your outreach by linking LinkLive with your social media channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support:
  • LinkLive AI Chatbot (Available with Opt-In): Leverage AI-driven chatbots to automate responses to basic questions.
  • Conversational AI Library of Bots: Elevate user satisfaction by utilizing thousands of preconfigured intents from the LinkLive Library of Bots.
  • AI Chat Translation Service: Receive messages in 75 supported languages during a chat, while also providing the capability to translate messages into the user’s language of choice.


Meet Customers Where They Are:

LinkLive provides a range of communication options within the CSI digital banking platform that can be leveraged alongside other features, such as mobile deposit capture or co-browsing.

Make Customer Service More Efficient and Effective:

Features like agent routing, co-browsing and AI-supported chat ensure your customers get the help they need while streamlining the workload for your staff.