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Merchant Services Referral System

Referring your business customers to a trusted merchant services provider takes time and requires a wealth of information for onboarding. Payroc, a leading merchant services provider, enables your financial institution to profitably recommend various payment-processing technologies to your business customers. This merchant services referral system helps business customers acquire essential tools while streamlining the referral process for you. Better still, your institution enjoys CSI’s higher, pre-negotiated revenue share each time a business customer processes a payment.

Key Features

  • Point-of-Sale Systems: Manage purchases, inventory, staff, cash and more.
  • Mobile Swipers: Accept payments on the go from a smartphone.
  • Payment Terminals: Become EMV-capable and reduce the likelihood of fraud.
  • Ecommerce: Install online shopping carts to facilitate those purchases.
  • Virtual Terminal: Process payment cards online and deposit funds into accounts within 48 hours.
  • Invoicing: Digitize invoices that are consistent with the company brand, automate recurring payments and process credit cards.
  • Small Business Analytics: Leverage local market data, reputation management and competitive data.
  • Registration: Create events with customized landing pages, a questionnaire builder and reporting.


  • Faster Referrals
    NuPoint® integration streamlines the referral procedure by directly linking your customers’ business accounts for deposits and gathering essential underwriting information.
  • Enhanced Revenue Potential
    CSI’s higher, pre-negotiated revenue share helps you generate fee-based income each time a business customer processes a payment.
  • Trusted Payment Processing Technology
    Regardless of industry, Payroc’s merchant services platform has a solution to meet your customers’ payment processing needs.
  • Strengthened Relationships with SMBs
    Payroc differentiates your institution from the competition by offering your small business customers tools that integrate into your digital banking channels.
  • Smart Investments for Business Customers
    Business owners can use their personalized online dashboard for price comparisons, analyses, purchase options and solutions management.