Managed Data Loss Prevention

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Protecting Your Financial Institution’s Data

Since financial institutions store vast amounts of sensitive information, it’s critical to protect this data and prevent unintentional sharing. As cyberattack risks increase and regulatory requirements evolve, institutions must be alerted when data policy violations occur.

CSI Managed Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software monitors and manages your institution’s data to ensure it’s protected. To prevent unauthorized data sharing, CSI Managed DLP enables your institution to apply specific DLP policies and monitor your sensitive information. The solution also streamlines reporting to help meet compliance requirements.

Protecting Your Financial Institution’s Data

Financial institutions are experiencing increased data loss risks due to IT infrastructure changes, including:

  • Distributed data
  • Hybrid working conditions
  • Collaboration tools
  • Expanded use of APIs

Institutions cannot afford the financial, operational or reputational consequences of data loss, making data protection paramount. To mitigate data sharing risks, CSI Managed DLP identifies sensitive information and applies policies that prevent data from leaving internal systems by being printed, copied to repositories on the Internet or transferred to USB or network locations.

Since CSI Managed DLP integrates with CSI’s security monitoring services, your institution receives policy violation alerts—including data exfiltration or account compromise—as they occur, allowing real-time incident investigation.

Benefits of CSI Managed DLP

While some institutions purchase and implement data loss prevention (DLP) systems in-house, these systems are often difficult to install, configure and maintain. CSI Managed DLP offers streamlined implementation requiring no software installation on your system and less overhead on endpoints.

As cloud-native software designed to protect data across your network, CSI Managed DLP protects your critical information
from accidental or intentional sharing by:

  • Identifying sensitive data and enforcing access policies in all locations where data is stored, including the cloud.
  • Providing regulatory focused reports of relevant policy configurations that articulate data management controls.
  • Delivering alerts related to policy violations and facilitating alert investigation to ensure compliance.
  • Allowing your institution to leverage CSI security experts for incident remediation.

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