Plaid Account Verification

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Enabling Real-Time Account Verification

Verifying and authenticating consumers’ financial accounts quickly and without risk is critical to avoiding fraud and offering a frictionless digital banking experience. Plaid Account Verification instantly authenticates and links consumers’ financial accounts through CSI’s digital banking platform. Engineered to enable faster onboarding and money movement between institutions, this intuitive and secure solution enables your institution to instantly authenticate customers so they can fund accounts and initiate transfers.

Simplify the Customer Authentication Process

Any friction – including a poor user experience or time-consuming verification methods – can derail customer authentication and lead to abandonment. With Plaid Account Verification, say goodbye to disjointed authentication methods that rely on micro-deposits – a system that can require up to two business days to complete, multiple steps as well as bank account and routing number information, instant authentication ensures that your customers maintain momentum and enables your institution to validate a customer’s source of funding in a matter of seconds.

Benefit From a More Efficient Verification Experience

Seamlessly integrated into CSI’s digital banking platform, Plaid Account Verification optimizes the user experience by removing cumbersome steps for your institution and the account holder. By improving efficiency, your customers can now fund their accounts and initiate transfers quickly, conveniently and securely.


Conduct in-session account owner authentication via a single credential-based login. Your customer simply enters their online username and password for the financial account they need to validate, and their funding source is verified instantly.


Reduce abandonment and deliver a seamless account funding and transfer experience by verifying account ownership without micro-deposits, routing numbers, or bank account numbers.


Connect accounts from thousands of financial institutions across the U.S. in seconds with Plaid Account Verification’s vast coverage.


Reduce fraud risk during account funding and transfers with a smooth verification experience that requires your customers to enter their personal login credentials for the external bank account they wish to validate.

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