Push Provisioning

Simple | Secure | Convenient

Drive Debit Use Through Digital Wallets

As digital wallet usage increases, so does the use and interchange of cards that customers have entered into those wallets. Push provisioning simplifies the process of entering cards into digital wallets by prompting customers to seamlessly “push” their debit card information, with just one tap, from their mobile banking app. By introducing simplicity, security and convenience, push provisioning makes it more likely that your institution’s card is at their top-of-wallet.

Enable Simple and Convenient Transactions

Complementing CSI’s industry-leading digital card controls, your customers can now activate their card and push it to a digital wallet in one sitting, from a single device. This simple feature:

  • Simplifies digital wallet onboarding
  • Encourages customers to use your financial institution’s card
  • Enables streamlined checkout in person and online
  • Provides the seamless digital experience customers expect
Push provisioning makes it more likely that your institution’s card is at customers’ top-of-wallet.

Ensure Payments Security

In addition to reducing friction on the consumer end, push provisioning improves upon the security of physical cards and manual information entry by:

  • Leveraging existing digital banking authentication
  • Requiring payment authentication on a given device
  • Using tokenization for payment processing
  • Mitigating the impact of a merchant breach

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