WatchDOG® Fraud

Real-Time Detection | False Positive Reduction | AI Modeling

Detect Fraudulent Transactions with WatchDOG® Fraud

In order to keep pace with constantly evolving fraud threats and increasing regulatory pressures, your fraud solution must fit your organization’s unique risk profile and effectively identify suspicious cases for investigation.

WatchDOG Fraud monitors transaction behavior to detect fraudulent patterns across all channels and payment methods. The solution uses transaction data augmented by non-monetary data such as IP addresses, device ID and more.

Advanced Real-Time Monitoring

As a modern monitoring solution, WatchDOG Fraud combines out of the box rules with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect fraud in real time, identifying suspicious activity while continuously learning from closed investigator decisions to perform more efficiently over time and detect known methods of fraud, including:

  • Chargebacks
  • Card-not-present fraud
  • Scams
  • Account testing schemes

Features of WatchDOG Fraud

WatchDOG Fraud leverages behavioral analysis monitoring to discover new techniques and methods that are used to circumvent controls, alerting on suspicious activity accurately and efficiently.

Additional WatchDOG Fraud features include:

  • False Positive Reduction: AI models reduce false positives using context and decisioning from investigators and customer behaviors to optimize results and automatically close cases, providing detailed decisioning for auditing and process transparency.
  • Synthetic Identity Fraud Prevention: Detect and prevent synthetic ID fraud with AI modeling through IBM’s customizable synthetic data generation tool, which identifies user logins through IP addresses and biometric features to authenticate and identify bad actors.
  • Customer Risk Rating: Dynamically score customer risk using data from internal and external sources to build a Customer Risk Rating, profiling customers who present a higher risk for fraud based on three risk categories:
    • Profile and relationships
    • Services, activities and behaviors
    • Geographic risk
  • Explainable Decisioning for Auditors: Allow auditors direct access to all required systems and deliver explainable decisioning and full transaction audit trails of all accounts, as well as a dashboard with top-down insight on monitoring activity.

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