Blog  |  Jan. 19, 2017

3 Reasons to Switch to Teller Capture

CedarStone Bank in Lebanon, Tennessee, strives to implement technology that benefits both the bank and its customers. And because the bank sits in a very competitive market, it must set itself apart with effective technology and efficient service. That’s why when the bank set a goal to streamline its retail/deposit operations, they chose an automated transaction processing solution, Teller Capture.

Though the bank had previously used a “bag and drag” branch capture solution, they weren’t seeing time and cost savings—and the solution still required as many as 12 individual tickets. It was time to update their technology and their customer service.

Benefits of Teller Capture Systems

By integrating check scanning with account number validation, virtual ticketing, fraud detection, risk mitigation controls and image verification, CedarStone found that their new automated teller solution enabled the bank to:

    1. Go “Ticketless”  The bank’s automated teller capture system eliminated all but one paper ticket that’s used in CedarStone’s drive-through windows. The solution reduces the number of tickets needed by including a signature pad that creates virtual tickets and an electronic journal. Now, the bank has practically eliminated the cost of buying and storing paper tickets.
    2. Enable Real-Time Processing Using Teller Capture, employees process items at the time of the customer transaction, rather than processing them at day’s end as with branch capture. So, if a customer walks in at 4:55 p.m. with a loan payment that’s due the next day, the bank can post that transaction—a convenience for both the bank and the customer.
    3. Reduce Overtime Costs

Since transactions are processed in real time, as customers present them, the tellers’ work of imaging and processing is already complete at the end of the day. Before CedarStone moved to an automated teller solution, tellers might have to stay up to an hour after close in order to complete their work, incurring higher costs to the bank for overtime pay.

Above these benefits, perhaps the greatest financial and operational value of using an automated teller capture solution is its ability to improve customer service. With transactions being processed in near real time, the bank has extended cut-over times so that it can post transactions up until closing. And that can make all the difference for customers.

Switching to Teller Capture has been a cost-efficient and operationally sound strategy for managing CedarStone’s branch operations. And most importantly, it brings enhanced customer support to their tellers’ fingertips.

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