Blog  |  Nov. 2, 2017

Instant Card Issuance = Instant Gratification

To some, a debit card is a perfectly ordinary piece of rectangular plastic. To others, however, there is something unequivocally exciting about holding a brand new debit card; it provides a sense of freedom and empowerment. This one moment, though brief, has the potential to change a customer’s outlook on their financial institution forever—if it can provide it to them.

Today, financial institutions seek to create this sentiment by issuing instant access to debit cards for their customers. Instant issuance allows institutions to print a live, working debit card for their customers immediately upon opening a new account. This service is invaluable because it:

1. Empowers the Customer

From the moment your customer interacts with your institution, they should feel empowered by the experience, and a fully functional debit card placed in your customer’s hand provides that empowerment. This is a vital convenience to the customer—who can utilize their new card right away—and leads to a heightened awareness of your institution’s value.

2. Entices “High Users

High users are customers who utilize their debit cards on an especially frequent basis. Financial institutions are constantly seeking methods to attract high users, because they naturally are highly profitable. Instantly producing a debit card might not necessarily convert a low user to high user, but it can attract high users to your bank (effectively taking them away from your competition).

3. Promotes Security

Your customers must be made aware of the security services your institution offers. Instant issuance featuring EMV capabilities allows your customer to feel at ease in knowing they won’t have to wait for their card in the mail. Further, your branch staff is available on the spot to answer any questions about the operation or security of the card.

4. Realizes an Omnichannel Vision

Instant issuance is but a portion of the complete omnichannel experience</a>; however, its absence will certainly be noted. Customers who experience—and expect—a lightning-fast mobile app or virtual bank teller will not expect to wait even one day for something as perceptively simple as a debit card. The related inconvenience will inhibit your institution’s ability to provide a consistent experience across all banking channels.

Exciting Technology on the Horizon

Instant issuance printers allow your financial institution to reap the above-mentioned benefits, but there’s even more promise ahead in the form of new technology that matches instantly issued cards’ quality to that of customized cards—creating that “wow” moment today’s bank customers seek.

Eri Gjergji is a product manager at CSI with 12 years of experience, focusing on Card Issuance and Business Strategy. In his role, Eri works with CSI vendors to meet the needs of CSI banks and their consumers. He holds both Level I and Level II certification in Card Profitability from Visa Business School. 


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