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Merchant Services (NuPoint Only)

CSI has partnered with Payroc to provide a merchant referral processing service that affords our financial institution customers with a convenient and profitable method for facilitating commercial referrals.

The service’s integration with NuPoint enables convenient data sharing with Payroc, thereby providing the essential information required to underwrite and approve commercial clients. This reduces redundancies in the referral process and eliminates manual entry of transactional and fee information. It also provides accuracy and efficiency when comparing rates and pricing for Payroc’s services.

Watch this informative demo to see this partnership in action. The webinar features:

  • An overview of the benefits of merchant referral services
  • A rundown of the services Payroc provides
  • A demo of the NuPoint-integrated referral process
  • An interactive Q & A session with a Payroc specialist
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