AI Expectations from FinCEN’s AML Act of 2020

When Congress passed the AML Act of 2020 in January of 2021, it was stated that FinCEN would have the authority to “streamline, modernize, and update the AML/CFT regime of the United States.” As financial criminals have evolved, so has the fight against them. The increasing use of artificial intelligence — or AI — in the fight against financial crime has spurred the adoption of the term FRAML, the intersection of fraud and anti-money laundering.

New and innovative solutions are being developed in the industry, both addressing existing weak spots in traditional Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering solutions and shoring up defenses to adapt to evolving criminal behavior.

Attend this webinar to gain insight into how the evolution on both sides of the FRAML fight is leading to a future powered by AI — and discover how to effectively battle financial crime with a combination of traditional tactics and modern, AI-based tools.

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