CU Broadcast – CSI: Cybersecurity Scene Investigation

This fast-paced episode is about a team of highly skilled investigators trained to fight cybersecurity crimes by monitoring activity and examining the evidence. It’s a “behind the scenes” look at how to protect your organization, members, data, and reputation.

In this webinar, James Mathis, Manager, Network and Security Operations, CSI and Stephen Smith, Director of Network & Security, CSI, demonstrated prevalent forms of cyberattacks and discuss steps to take to prevent and minimize the impact of these situations:

  • Phishing Attack
  • Malware Infection
  • Non-domestic Login

Attendees gained a better understanding of and appreciation for the following critical components:

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Conditional Access
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Secure Email
  • Data back-up and recovery
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