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Dual Interface EMV – The Simple, Secure and Speedy Way to Pay

In today’s digital-first world, how can your bank stay top of wallet and ensure customers have seamless payment experiences? With Dual Interface EMV, your customers will have the flexibility of both contact and contactless payment options in one secure, easy-to-use card. With a growing focus on consumer safety and contactless payments, Dual Interface EMV cards are a convenient and globally accepted solution that will give your bank a competitive edge.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about CSI’s new Dual Interface EMV cards and how they will enhance the customer experience with fast, secure and frictionless payments. Join Matt Herren, Director of Payment Services at CSI, as he answers your questions and provides insight on:

  • How Dual Interface EMV cards work and the three payment methods offered to ensure global acceptance
  • Benefits of contactless payments, such as improved card longevity and faster transaction processing
  • Best practices for driving top of wallet behavior and growing card usage
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