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Optimizing the Digital Account Opening Customer Journey

With consumer demand for digital banking at an all-time high and likely to grow, institutions must rethink their digital transformation strategy to remain competitive. In order to help banks better understand digital account opening and regularly monitor the customer journey for improvement, CSI has partnered with Alpharank, the leading provider of automated journey mapping. Paired with NuFund’s account opening solution, this tool can accelerate your digital acquisition process.

In this comprehensive webinar you will learn more about customer journey mapping and accelerate your digital acquisition process by identifying sticking points, measuring marketing efforts and optimizing your onboarding process.

Key Learning Points:

  • Why digital banking is more important than ever for your customers’ experience with your institution
  • Current best practices for optimizing the account opening customer journey
  • Solutions available through CSI and Alpharank for enhancing the digital account opening process
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