CUbroadcast: Why Credit Unions Should Embrace a Holistic Cybersecurity Approach

When it comes to cybersecurity at credit unions, there is no shortage of concern, as the stakes seems to get higher each day — as do the talents of would-be hackers. To address those cybersecurity concerns and remain a step ahead of those fraudsters, CSI’s Sean Martin (Director of Product Strategy for Managed Services) and Tyler Leet (Director of Risk and Compliance Services) share their insights and expertise on why and how credit unions should embrace a holistic cybersecurity approach to enhance their defenses against these evolving threats.

Some of the items discussed included:

  • top trends you are seeing and what new or evolved risks do these trends represent and how can these risks be mitigated
  • mistakes you see credit unions make in their security strategies
  • recommendations on how credit unions should assess their current defenses and where to begin in enhancing them
  • where are you seeing the most security incidents
  • types of questions credit unions should be asking to enhance their defenses

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