Talking Tech: Season 1

We’re excited to present Talking Tech with CSI, a three-episode mini-series dedicated to providing you with insight on the hottest topics in technology.

These episodes feature Steve Sanders, Chief Information Security Officer at CSI, and Sean Martin, Director of Strategic Product Management at CSI, discussing important topics in technology, including the public cloud and cybersecurity.

EPISODE 1: Public Cloud

Do you have questions about the public cloud? Watch the first episode of Talking Tech with CSI to hear our experts debunk common myths about the cloud.

EPISODE 2: Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

Watch the second episode of our Talking Tech with CSI series to find out what it means to take a layered approach to cybersecurity and how this approach helps protect your organization from evolving threats.

EPISODE 3: Real-Time Monitoring

How can your organization stay one step ahead of cyber threats? In the third episode of our Talking Tech with CSI series, our experts discuss how real-time cybersecurity monitoring detects and prevents cyber incidents as they occur.

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