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Open Banking Platform

Want to maximize the potential of open banking technology?

The concept of open banking through APIs is ushering in exciting possibilities for banks of every size. Our open banking capabilities allow your institution to seamlessly connect third-party technology to our core banking system.

Open APIs in Enterprise Banking

Developing banking technologies like digital lending, online account opening and customer engagement and analytics tools is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Luckily our vast catalog of pre-built open banking APIs allows you to find a solution set that fits your bank’s unique needs. Best of all, these APIs integrate directly into our core solution, enabling quick, secure and seamless access to the most modern and innovative banking technologies.


Full Catalog of Banking APIs
Full Catalog of Banking APIs
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration


Technical Support
Technical Support
Maintenance and Security Updates
Maintenance and Security Updates

An Open Banking Platform Provider That’s Ahead of the Curve

Our open banking catalog, CSIbridge, provides an open platform that allows your institution to work collaboratively with fintech providers on innovative solutions that bridge technology gaps and empower you to compete with today’s largest institutions.

Our open banking platform currently offers:

  • API integrations into a robust catalog of CSI’s banking infrastructure
  • Ongoing updates for each API, ensuring that all integrations utilize the most recent, secure versions
  • An expanding catalog that anticipates technology advances and provides the ongoing ability to develop customizations that help your bank thrive in a competitive market
  • A vendor toolkit designed to ease onboarding and technical support for both your bank and vendors to ensure simple implementation

View CSI’s Open Banking APIs

Take advantage of our open API platform to quickly and seamlessly customize and release new services through pre-built banking APIs. Explore our CSIbridge catalog today to discover the API solutions that will drive innovation and success at your institution.

I have recommended CSI to several bankers. In today’s environment, it doesn’t make much sense to me to not partner with a company like CSI.

Jim Weast
Warren-Boynton State Bank, President & CEO

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