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Digital Lending

Ready to meet digital demands and streamline loan origination?

Our digital lending software empowers customers to apply for a loan anywhere, while simplifying consumer and commercial lending processes.

Our Digital Lending Services

Borrowers increasingly demand instantaneous loan access from multiple channels. Meanwhile, inefficient processes impede your institution’s timely response to customer needs. Ensure you meet borrower expectations, process various loan types and automate loan origination with a digital loan origination system.


Core Banking Integration
Core Banking Integration
Improved and Automated Processes
Improved and Automated Processes
Compliance and Regulatory Monitoring
Compliance and Regulatory Monitoring
Enhanced Management, Reporting and Oversight Functions
Enhanced Management, Reporting and Oversight Functions

Simplified Digital Lending That Pays off for Everyone

Through an integrated partner, CSI offers a digital loan origination system that improves the lending experience for borrowers and lenders. This digital lending service features lending digitalization and automation that strengthens operational efficiencies, ensures regulatory compliance and provides flexibility to lenders.

Our core-integrated digital lending solution:

  • Optimizes digital engagement with omnichannel delivery and digital banking synchronization
  • Accelerates employee productivity by automating manual tasks that do not need review
  • Streamlines servicing, document collection, annual credit reviews and collections
  • Enables proactive compliance with detailed reporting and streamlined credit risk management
  • Offers intelligence and analytics for insight regarding customer needs and opportunities


You are to be congratulated on good planning and direction. You’re headed in the right direction with good folks doing the job. I believe that within the next five years, CSI will increase market share and elevate to higher levels of trust and technology within the marketplace.

Brian Gentry
Citizens Bank of Kansas, CTO

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