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Loan Management

Looking to optimize loan processes for your bank?

Our core-integrated loan management software enables your institution to maximize returns and minimize risk, from issuing and processing loans to enhancing the profitability of lending.

Bank Loan Management Software

Issuing and processing loans is a major revenue generator for your bank. Find out how you can make the loan process even more lucrative by optimizing the various loan processing solutions offered by CSI’s core banking software.


Flexible Loan Issuance Options
Flexible Loan Issuance Options

Detailed Audit Trail
Detailed Audit Trail

Rapid Onboarding
Rapid Onboarding

Built-In Risk Management and Compliance
Built-In Risk Management and Compliance

An Integrated Loan Management System

Bank loans lie at the core of your institution’s revenue generation. That means the technology supporting your loan operations is critical to your success. With flexible reporting tools, CSI’s integrated loan management and tracking solutions make the loan process more effective for your employees and customers by:

  • Tracking documentation and underwriting exceptions throughout the loan process
  • Determining more equitable, uniform interest rates
  • Reminding customers of upcoming or past-due credit documents
  • Providing an audit trail for increased transparency and accountability
  • Allowing for loan exceptions at the account level, relationship level or both
  • Categorizing by any department responsibility
  • Offering scalability to any size organization

Relationship-Based Pricing

Enhance customer relationships and maximize bank profitability by analyzing single loan opportunities and multiple accounts. CSI’s relationship loan tools provide consistency in your loan-pricing model and help identify cross-selling opportunities by:

  • Using objective analysis to adjust interest rates and fees
  • Ensuring bank goals are met when negotiating bank loan pricing and terms
  • Generating detailed reports to support loan-pricing decisions

Loan Portfolio Analysis

Use CSI’s integrated suite of loan portfolio management products to maximize returns and minimize risk when making strategic loan decisions. Our loan software gives you the tools you need to protect the integrity of your bank’s assets, including:

  • Risk management, collateral valuation and loan budget tracking
  • Customer, financial, host, underwriting, loan committee and executive information
  • Automated feedback on tracking, auditing, reviewing, analysis and compliance

Floor Plan Financing

Whether your commercial customers are financing loans for vehicles, farm machinery or other equipment, CSI’s floor plan lending solution allows you to streamline the onboarding, tracking and payment processes for floor plan loans. Our solution allows you to quickly onboard several loans at once, all while managing various rates for repayment. We provide your bank with an easy-to-use system for:

  • Supporting different classifications by inventory type, informing the terms of individual loans
  • Enabling rapid onboarding for processing multiple loans simultaneously
  • Simplifying the processing of payments with combined billing
  • Expanding your loan portfolio for growth
  • Tracking inventory data consistently

Between the people, the service they provide, the products and the pricing, CSI has been an excellent technology partner that has never let us down.

Sidney Long
First Texas Data, Inc., Senior Vice President

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