Core Bank Processing

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Fraud Detection and Risk Management

From federal mandates to the persistence of fraudsters, your bank must maintain constant vigilance to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. CSI’s suite of core banking solutions for fraud detection and risk management allow your financial institution to decrease its risk while adhering to federal regulations.

Fraud Detection Software for Banks

Maintaining federal compliance and a low level of risk are two of the greatest challenges bankers face. These solutions, available with CSI’s NuPoint(R) and Meridian.NET core banking systems, can help your bank ensure compliance and manage risk with:

  • Bank Risk Mitigation Software

    Prevent bank account fraud, maintain a strong BSA/AML program and strengthen your bank’s risk management with CSI’s bank risk mitigation software. Our tool proactively monitors accounts and enhances your bank’s fraud detection and prevention by:

    • Monitoring transactions for suspicious activity and money laundering violations
    • Issuing alerts for various types of bank fraud vulnerabilities  
    • Comparing amounts and frequencies to known fraud trends and parameters
    • Maintaining FinCEN compliance
    • Allowing authorized employees to create reports based on selected criteria

  • Fraudulent Check Detection
  • A fraud detection system is an essential element of your bank’s risk mitigation strategy, and it’s the most effective way to prevent fraud against your financial institution. CSI’s fraud detection software scans for check fraud and safeguards your bank and customers by:

    • Enabling customizable check number ranges and high-dollar limits based on your customers’ needs
    • Identifying counterfeit, altered and unauthorized checks
    • Detecting suspicious activity based on customers’ previous activity
    • Alerting tellers of suspected items and verifying authenticity before checks are cashed

Let’s Fight Fraud. Together.

CSI’s fraud detection software helps banks build effective risk management strategies to fight fraud and enhance risk management. Learn more about how these solutions can help your bank remain compliant and prevent fraud by completing an online form. One of our team members will reach out to you.