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CSI Board Portal

Effective board meetings are critical to your organization’s success. With our board portal software, CSI Secure Connect, your board of directors has secure access to board materials and other confidential information from the convenience of their homes, offices or other remote locations. You can even facilitate communication through online votes, discussion threads and other collaborative tools.

Discover how you can enhance corporate communication, increase productivity and decrease costs with CSI’s secure board portal solution.

How Does Board Meeting Software Benefit My Board?

Your board members are some of the most trusted and influential members of your organization. Making board meetings as efficient and streamlined as possible means less administrative hassle for your board members and more time focused on their strategic responsibilities.

Our online board portal can be implemented for any financial institution or business, and you can expect:

  • Secure Communication
    Facilitates secure communication through online votes, shared calendars and other tools
  • Paperless Operations
    Enables paperless board meetings, eliminating the need to print and ship sensitive information
  • Complete Mobility
    Includes both an Apple and Android app for easy, secure access on any device
  • No Maintenance
    Offers a hosted board meeting solution that requires no additional hardware or software to maintain

5 Reasons to Choose Our Board Portal Software

Effective communication is the difference between outstanding companies and ordinary ones. You need communication solutions that make working together faster and easier for your board of directors. Unlike other board portal vendors, CSI offers the following:

  1. Manages the service–we DO NOT outsource our processing
  2. Provides you with a unique portal, tailored to fit your organization
  3. Meets or exceeds financial institution examiner requirements
  4. Offers our robust security infrastructure
  5. Includes a full-suite of capabilities in the standard service

CSI Secure Connect simplifies both the way you share information and the way individuals interact with it. Find out how our board software can simplify the way your organization’s data is accessed, shared and utilized. Complete the online contact form, and a member of our team will contact you.