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Core Bank Processing

Looking for an integrated core that does it all?

Our core bank processing solution makes the business of banking seamless with an industry-leading mix of innovative, integrated, flexible and secure banking technologies that keep your institution competitive, compliant and profitable.

Simplified Core Bank Processing

As a competitive and growing financial institution, your bank needs a reliable, efficient and integrated core bank processing platform. CSI’s core processing solution is automated, integrated and cloud-based, allowing you and your staff to focus on the business of banking, while we focus on functionality, compliance and security.


API Integration
API Integration

Transaction Processing
Transaction Processing

Customer Engagement Technology
Customer Engagement Technology
Loan Management
Loan Management
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Fraud Detection and Risk Management
Fraud Detection and Risk Management

The Benefits of a Cloud Core Banking Solution

When it comes to functional, efficient banking operations, you need a core system vendor that delivers innovative technology with unmatched customer support. CSI’s core banking system simplifies the processes and applications essential to your bank’s everyday operations. Our core system provides your bank with a dynamic, stable infrastructure, enhancing the performance of your branches, employees and customers, by delivering:

  • Full integration across banking platforms
  • Responsive, cloud-based architecture that eliminates hardware and software expenditures
  • Customized views of information at both the bank and user level
  • System flexibility so services are available to each user at any bank workstation
  • Robust reporting tools that track, monitor and analyze performance
  • Full suite of integrated core processing applications
  • Platform fluidity so banks establish core operations relevant to their needs
  • Consolidation of all loans into a single application
  • Account analysis with insight into customer performance and profitability
  • Detailed reporting tools for improved visibility
  • Access to your core using a tablet or mobile device

Why Choose CSI’s Core Banking Platform?

Your financial institution deserves more than a core processing vendor—it deserves a core processing partner. That’s why CSI works one-on-one with each of our client banks to deliver the core banking solution that best fits their individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a core solution that supports open banking, or a fully integrated one-stop-shop solution, our core platform has you covered. And while we pride ourselves on the swift pace of our innovations, we always pursue an authentic partnership with our customers. As a leader in core bank processing with more than 55 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to make your institution competitive, compliant and profitable.

CSI recognizes the direction of the industry and talks about helping banks capitalize on the digital revolution. The key to success for any bank is working with a provider that has both a commitment to service and a vision for the future—and we have that with CSI.

Jeff May
Banterra Bank, President

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