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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Looking for an expert to analyze your IT security risk?

Today’s cyber criminals are relentless. Mitigate risk and maintain a solid standard of compliance with CSI’s comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment and IT risk assessment.

A Comprehensive and Compliant IT Security Risk Assessment

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your organization’s information security and systems is paramount to your success. Critical components of mitigating your cyber risk include classifying your assets to identify weaknesses and implementing protective controls. Further enhance your organization’s compliance posture with CSI’s cybersecurity risk assessment.


A Comprehensive Control Evaluation
A Comprehensive Control Evaluation
Calculated Residual Risk Levels
Calculated Residual Risk Levels
Assesses Adversarial and Non-Adversarial Threats
Assesses Adversarial and Non-Adversarial Threats
Risk Scores of All Informational Assets
Risk Scores of All Informational Assets

Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

CSI’s cybersecurity and IT security risk assessment helps classify and evaluate the level of risk associated with your cyber presence to ensure your systems and data are secure. During your cybersecurity risk assessment, our experienced IT risk and compliance experts will:

  • Assess inherent risk levels of your informational assets
  • Conduct interactive Q&A’s with staff
  • Evaluate your existing IT controls
  • Review policies and procedures as well as previous audits
  • Calculate your current risk levels and outline residual risk levels
  • Provide an easy-to-follow risk assessment report showing risk scores for your systems along with recommendations for enhancing your security posture

We specialize in cybersecurity risk assessment services for the following industries:

  • Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions
  • Healthcare companies with HIPAA requirements
  • Insurance companies
  • Retail companies

Vendor Risk Management

Your organization’s vendors are an enormous asset. But they also have the potential to be a tremendous liability. Ensure you calculate the risk of doing business with third-party vendors with CSI’s high-risk vendor evaluation. Our vendor evaluations:

  • Are based on the Banking Industry Technology Secretariat (BITS) framework
  • Review high-risk vendor security elements
  • Provide a clear picture of vendor controls

FFIEC’s CAT Assistance

CSI can assist financial institutions with completing the FFIEC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) to further maintain a robust cyber posture and mitigate risks.


I am very pro CSI! For me it stems from the 2007 Customer Conference I attended in Indy. When the founder of the company sits down at your table to eat lunch and knows where your little bank is located and knows so much about what’s going on in his company, it truly leaves a lasting impression! I will never forget that.

Rachel Keller
Preferred Bank, Assistant Vice President

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