Regulatory Compliance

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Routine monitoring of your network and passwords for vulnerabilities is a critical component of cybersecurity preparedness and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) compliance. Ensure that your business remains secure and passes your next GLBA compliance assessment with CSI’s vulnerability assessment software.

Our vulnerability assessment services help identify weaknesses in both your internal and perimeter networks. Our service also provides you with a holistic IT risk assessment—building a foundation for your cybersecurity defense.

CSI’s Internal Vulnerability Testing

CSI’s network vulnerability assessment tool provides an affordable, remote internal vulnerability scan configured to meet GLBA compliance guidelines. Our scanning tool is easy to use and prepares an accurate internal vulnerability scan without displacing your employees or procedures.

Our internal vulnerability assessment will:

  • Scan your entire network, including all hardware and software
  • Conduct LAN sweeps
  • Perform internal vulnerability, patch management and port scanning
  • Lower the cost for your comprehensive internal scan

Once the scan is complete, our staff will analyze the data and prepare a detailed report with recommendations for securing your network. 

CSI’s Perimeter Vulnerability Scanning 

In addition to our internal systems vulnerability assessment, CSI offers a network vulnerability scanner for your perimeter devices—those systems that everyone on the Internet can reach.

Our remote vulnerability perimeter scan will identify:

  • Hardware and software vulnerabilities
  • Various configuration errors
  • Other common network vulnerabilities

After the perimeter scan is complete, CSI will compile our findings and provide your organization with comprehensive and up-to-date information related to your network perimeter’s vulnerability status in either a customized executive report or a granular format your IT staff can use to update the network.

Get a Holistic IT Risk Assessment 

Cybercriminals are constantly inventing new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in your network, which makes conducting a security audit a complex and dynamic process. CSI provides you with a comprehensive risk assessment that classifies your IT assets; then identifies, measures and mitigates risks so you stay secure and compliant while strengthening your GLBA compliance.

As part of our information security risk assessments for banks, credit unions and other businesses, we:

  • Evaluate your institution to determine your inherent and residual risks to confidentiality, integrity and the availability of your informational assets
  • Provide a comprehensive risk assessment report, giving recommendations to strengthen controls and reduce risks so you can create a successful ongoing information security risk management program

CSI is also mindful of what auditors are looking for, using FFIEC guidelines, NIST standards, GLBA compliance and other regulatory guidance to complete your IT risk assessment.

Stay Secure with a Password Audit

A single weak, predictable or repeatedly used password is all cybercriminals need to worm their way into your entire network. Ensure passwords are strong and secure with the help of CSI’s password auditing tool.  

Our password audit tools test your organization’s password compliance to safeguard your confidential information by:    

  • Auditing the stored versions of your organization’s encrypted passwords
  • Uncovering predictable patterns and other password security weaknesses
  • Protecting your network from unwanted password exploitation and consequent system infiltration 

And because CSI’s password auditing is performed remotely, you maintain business-as-usual while taking a huge step toward improving your overall information security

Schedule Your Vulnerability Scan, IT Risk Assessment and Password Audit

GLBA mandates that financial institutions put vulnerability assessment software and safeguards into place to protect customer data. You’re responsible for not only maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information, but also protecting your entire infrastructure against threats and security breaches. 

Don’t let compliance and security risks weigh on your mind for another day. Schedule your systems’ vulnerability assessment, IT risk assessment and password audit today by completing this online form, and our team will reach out to you with more information