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Our Leadership

Our Board of Directors

Elected by our shareholders, the CSI board of directors stands behind our timeless business model of superior customer service and product innovation.

Steven A. Powless headshot
Steven A. Powless

Chairman of the Board

Dana Bowers headshot
Dana Bowers

Board Member

Michael Carter headshot
Michael Carter

Board Member

David Culbertson  headshot
David Culbertson

Board Member

Basil N. Drossos headshot
Basil N. Drossos

Board Member

Terrance P. Haas headshot
Terrance P. Haas

Board Member

Kristin Rudolph Muhlner headshot
Kristin Rudolph Muhlner

Board Member

David M. Paxton headshot
David M. Paxton

Board Member

Robert L. Walker headshot
Robert L. Walker

Board Member

John Williams headshot
John Williams

Founder/Chairman Emeritus

Tammy Souder headshot
Tammy Souder

Board Secretary

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