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Credit unions face significant challenges in their market, from digital transformation to increasing regulatory burdens. The right technology partner can lighten the load. CSI helps you enhance your IT infrastructure, document delivery and cybersecurity posture, keeping you compliant, optimizing your employees’ workflow and empowering you to deepen member relationships through a more personalized experience.

Cost-Effective, Scalable IT Infrastructure

Keeping pace with the latest in IT management tools and processes is a daunting task, and often a costly one. Credit unions need the ability to scale without drastically increasing their IT expenses, so that they can continue to provide excellent service to their members, while also ensuring regulatory compliance as well as the security of their IT environment.

  • Better Serve Your Members: CSI’s managed IT services ensure reliable functionality and on-demand support for your mission-critical applications, systems and networks. With a dependable IT infrastructure, you can focus on growing your credit union and better serving your members.
  • Reduce Costs and Save Time: Partnering with CSI to support your IT team is a cost-effective method of improving your IT infrastructure and putting time and resources back in your pocket, while gaining access to a host of additional benefits, including 24/7 monitoring, cloud hosting and scalability.
  • Ease Your Regulatory Burden: Unlike many IT service providers, CSI specializes in IT for financial institutions and is fully compliant. CSI knows your compliance needs inside and out and provides IT services that reduce the effort needed to meet evolving federal regulations.


Unparalleled Protection with Managed Cybersecurity

Like other financial institutions, credit unions are not immune to the boom in cybercrime. Cybersecurity is a pressing concern for all credit unions, particularly with highly publicized cyberattacks growing in frequency and sophistication. Working with a trusted partner that specializes in cybersecurity for financial institutions keeps your credit union safe against top cyber threats like ransomware and malware, and can instill confidence in the members who rely on your services.

  • Protect Your Members: Your members trust you to protect their data and their money, and you take that trust seriously. CSI’s cybersecurity services mitigate risk by monitoring, analyzing and managing the security of your entire IT environment, ensuring that you and your members are safe from cyber criminals. With 24/7 monitoring, real-time reporting, penetration testing and more, your credit union is protected.


Regtech to Streamline Compliance

Navigating a complex web of everchanging federal regulations is a constant challenge for credit unions. Compliance failures can be a devastating blow to your institution, making the need for a trusted compliance partner all the more crucial.

  • Protect Your Reputation: Compliance failures—especially regarding cybersecurity — can feed into consumers’ misconceptions about a credit union’s capabilities and have ruinous consequences for your reputation. CSI keeps your credit union fully compliant with comprehensive regulatory compliance services and tools, including cybersecurity and automated, real-time sanctions screening.
  • Protect Your Bottom Line: Regulatory fines for compliance failure can be steep, affecting your ability to carry out your credit union’s mission. CSI shields your credit union from fines by discovering and remediating compliance failures and vulnerabilities.


Efficient Communication with Your Team and Members

Effective communication is a key element of building your relationship with your members, as well as improving the productivity of your employees and leadership.

  • Engage with Customers: Modernize your member communication with CSI’s digital document solutions, including secure, interactive and hyper-personalized digital statements that impress and engage. Harness valuable engagement data with built-in analytics that help you anticipate member needs.
  • Improve Efficiency and Lower Costs: Print and mail remain important channels for financial institutions, but in-house processes can present significant costs in both time and money. CSI’s print and mail services are a cost-effective way to ensure secure, efficient delivery of your print communications.
  • Enhance Communication: Your team must all operate on the same page to best serve your members. CSI’s business intranet solutions streamline communication and collaboration, ensuring that everyone from frontline staff to the executive team has all the information they need to operate your credit union effectively.

For what we’re paying CSI—we couldn’t hire someone for that price. This partnership has literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years, and even if we hired more staff, we wouldn’t be able to have the 24×7 monitoring unless we paid someone to work overnight.

Miriam Neal
South Western Federal
Vice President of Information Systems

Working with CSI gives us access to resources we couldn’t achieve internally. CSI works with numerous financial institutions, so they have exposure to a wide range of risk profiles. They analyze, rate and mitigate these risks and then bring all that experience to our team.

Frank Halstead
First Service Credit Union

Perhaps the greatest benefit we realized with WatchDOG Wire was efficiency … The efficiencies we realized were big; huge for us, actually. And you can’t beat the fact you have a built-in OFAC checker. You really, really can’t beat that.

Jeni Brantner
Royal Credit Union
Product Settlement & Services Manager

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