Core Bank Processing

Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing

Streamline your employees’ daily processes through automation with CSI’s suite of core banking solutions for transaction processing. These integrated teller software and transaction management solutions are designed to link your employees to fast, accurate and relevant customer information, increasing operational efficiencies and improving the customer experience. 

CSI’s Bank Transaction Management Tools  

CSI’s suite of bank teller systems and teller software provides your bank with the resources to increase your bottom line and boost productivity through automation and customized features integrated directly into CSI’s NuPoint(R) and Meridian.NET core banking software. We offer:

  • Financial Management Systems

    Control the quality of your general ledger processing and senior management reporting with CSI’s general ledger accounting and financial management systems. Our tools allow you to monitor and analyze all your general ledger functions by:

    • Creating customized charts of accounts with unlimited sub-totaling capabilities
    • Providing real-time, customizable reports of your bank’s financial health
    • Allowing up to a 30-day window for month-end reporting with full report archival

  • Bank Teller Systems

    Improve your employees’ productivity and bottom-line results by providing them with fluid, easy-to-use service functions. CSI’s bank teller systems use helpful shortcut keys that boost the efficiency of your employees with:

    • Teller productivity tools like pop-up windows for cash count and item list
    • Activity evaluation for scheduling
    • OFAC lookups on non-bank customers
    • Official checks from teller station and return receipts by mail for night deposits
    • Centralized cash drawer control and audit functions

  • Transaction Processing Solutions

    Simplify how transactions are entered, assessed and tracked, and save time and boost operational efficiency by automating your customer-facing transaction processing system. CSI’s transaction processing solution integrates into your core banking software for convenient transaction management and eases operational burdens for your employees by:

    • Verifying and scanning check images and MICR data
    • Streamlining teller item repair and input of multiple items to complete transactions
    • Validating on-us items on all required fields
    • Creating virtual tickets within a transaction
    • Improving transaction entry and providing reports reviewing teller activity
    • Collecting fee income for services provided with each transaction

  • Integrated CD and IRA Systems for Banks

    With several automated capabilities, our integrated Certificate of Deposit (CD) and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) systems streamline processes and productivity and enhance visibility into account performance, by offering:

    • Daily earnings reports for general ledger
    • Fluctuating interest rates and user-defined CD classes
    • Automatic disbursement payments
    • Multiple accrual and payment methods for earnings
    • Automatic calculation of penalty amounts

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