Payment Solutions

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Debit Card Processing

Save on processing expenses while providing your customers with a functional debit card payment solution with debit card processing from CSI. As a leading debit card processor for financial institutions, we work with your bank to implement a cost-effective, revenue-generating debit card program that is easy to manage. 

Why Choose Debit Card Processing from CSI?

CSI’s debit card processing solution offers your financial institution several advantages, including:

  • A core integrated, single platform for all operational needs
  • Instantaneous account creation and real-time account maintenance
  • Access to a host of reporting, benchmarking and analytics tools
  • Knowledgeable and helpful customer support staff
  • Personalized card portfolio analysis and ongoing consultation

Identify Debit Card Fraud

In addition to providing bank card services, CSI’s debit card processing solution helps keep your institution and customers safe from card fraud by:

  • Screening transactions with an intelligent risk-scoring system
  • Contacting cardholders when fraud is suspected
  • Proactively identifying at-risk cards 
  • Monitoring transactions 24/7
  • Creating customized, rule-based alerting
  • Deploying a real-time denial program
  • Rapidly reissuing compromised cards, including transference of old data to new cards

Like What You See?

Are you interested in saving on processing costs through an integrated debit card program? Let CSI help. Fill out an online form, and we’ll reach out to you with more information.