Positive Pay

Positive Pay System

NuPoint® Positive Pay is automated check fraud protection software that matches the account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by your bank’s customers. As a result, your bank and your commercial accounts are protected from financial loss due to check fraud.

Positive Pay is available to your bank’s commercial customers through your bank’s cash management department—it can even be used for your bank’s own internal accounts.

Features of NuPoint Positive Pay

When verifying disbursement activity, Positive Pay's check fraud prevention software issues various types of automated alerts:

  • Paid Not Issued
  • Mismatch Amount
  • Amount Over Limit
  • Outside of Check Number Range
  • Missing Check Number
  • Stale Date
  • Void or Stop Item
  • Payee Name Mismatch

In addition to issuing alerts, Positive Pay automatically loads posted activity and offers flexible file mapping for issued check information. These features not only help your bank and your customers with check fraud prevention, but they also help you maintain regulatory compliance.

NuPoint Teller Integration

Integrated with NuPoint Teller and designed to safeguard your customers’ bank accounts, Positive Pay validates debit items each night to ensure your bank: 

  • Receives and uploads issued check files
  • Compares incoming checks to a database of issued checks
  • Reviews and corrects exceptions daily

Teller integration from our Positive Pay system also provides:

  • Real-time verification of check numbers and amounts
  • Payee name verification at teller stations
  • Official check issuance (for immediate verification)

NuPoint Positive Pay and Digital Banking

Positive Pay is also compatible with CSI Digital Banking services through a self-service model, which enables your bank’s corporate customers to:  

  • Upload their own issued check files
  • Handle their own “approve” or “return” decisions
  • Integrate file mapping, single-check entry and past-decision review

To learn more about how CSI’s check fraud protection solutions can benefit your bank, reach out to us.