Digital Banking


Mobile Banking Technology

Mobile banking technology puts your bank in the palms of your customers’ hands—no matter where they are. And with CSI’s Mobile Banking platforms from Digital Banking, you can engage your customers on their mobile devices at the touch of a button, whether they're consumer or commercial clients.

CSI Mobile Banking App

Integrated with CSI’s NuPoint® and Meridian core banking platforms, the CSI mobile app gives banks like yours easy access to our customizable, user-friendly mobile banking technology. Our mobile banking app is designed to elevate your customers’ experiences by offering the latest digital banking features, including: 

  • Transaction Receipt Images

    Add notes or receipt images to transactions

  • Card Management

    Turn cards on or off, give cards “nicknames” to simplify card identification and add alerts to track real-time card activity

  • Money Movement

    Protected by CSI Fraud Anomaly Detection, access transfers, payments, external transfers, external payments, bill pay, favorite payees and P2P in one Money Movement section

  • Transfers

    Send funds in real-time, and use text or email to optimize P2P payment technology 

  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

    Make mobile deposits with instant access to check capture 

  • Alert Management

    Manage any financial alerts within the app 

  • Statements

    View statements on any device  

  • Enhanced Account Views

    See all account types and advanced transaction history

  • Personal Financial Management

    Manage and aggregate accounts and set personal financial goals

  • App Authentication

    Improve security with Android Fingerprint and iPhone X FaceID biometric options for authentication

  • Support Center

    Send and receive secure attachments to and from CSI support with Bill Pay Chat

  • Device Agnostic Design

    Use the app on various devices, from tablets and PCs to smart phones

How Mobile Banking Platforms Benefit Your Bank

As mobile banking solutions providers, our mobile banking and business banking apps offer the most relevant, up-to-date mobile banking technology in the financial services market. CSI’s Mobile Banking solutions offer:

  • Customer social media functionality
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and account retention
  • Improved market share, mobile adoption and transaction volume
  • Instant customer access via self-registration options
  • Security guidelines and standards performance
  • Targeted and customizable marketing for your products and services

With our innovative mobile banking app, your customers can not only conduct a number of financial transactions through their mobile devices, but they will also interact more with you. Learn more about implementing mobile banking services at your financial institution by completing our online contact request form.