Digital Banking

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Personal Financial Management Banking Tools

Customers want your bank to give them tools that help them meet their financial goals. Empower them to achieve life’s milestones with CSI’s personal financial management (PFM) software.

Integrated with CSI's mobile banking app and online banking solutions, our PFM tools allow your customers to interact with all of their financial data through all of your digital banking channels. 

The Benefits of PFM Banking 

CSI’s personal financial management software simplifies and visualizes your customers’ financial data while increasing customer engagement and loyalty. Our PFM banking software makes it simple to track expenses and goal progress so your customers can stay organized and on-track for life’s biggest financial challenges.

Through our PFM dashboard, your customers can:

  • Improve financial behavior by setting and managing budgets
  • Track progress on their financial goals and milestones
  • Visualize their financial health at any given time
  • Automate personal notifications to manage overspending

Do You Have Questions? Let Us Help!

Want to learn more about how CSI’s PFM tools can help your customers reach their financial goals and increase engagement at your bank? Fill out this online form, and one of our team members will reach out to answer your questions.