Core Bank Processing


CSI Meridian.NET Core Banking System

To remain compliant and profitable as a growing bank, you need a core banking system that is flexible and understands how to make your bank successful.  

Meridian.NET from CSI offers banks like yours a powerful solution to manage core processing from an in-house or outsourced platform. This core processing system for banks provides more than 2,000 individual banking parameters, allowing financial institutions to customize core operations for all your unique needs.

In-House or Outsourced Core Banking System

With Meridian.NET, you can utilize these key features to manage your bank more efficiently, securely and profitably: 

  • Full suite of integrated core processing applications
  • Platform fluidity so banks establish core operations relevant to their needs
  • Consolidation of all loans into a single application
  • Account analysis gives insight into customer performance and profitability
  • Detailed reporting tools for improved visibility enterprisewide

Meridian.NET is a streamlined core processing solution that delivers top-quality tools and unparalleled customer support.

Core Banking System Vendors

At CSI, we’ve been providing financial institutions with technology solutions for more than 50 years. We know what your bank requires on your road map to success because we’ve worked directly with our customers to develop specific solutions to meet your needs.

Meridian.NET offers a variety of bank core processing solutions to help you manage:

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