Core Bank Processing


NuPoint® Core Processing

As a competitive and growing financial institution, your bank needs a reliable, responsive core bank processing platform. CSI's core processing solution, NuPoint, lets you focus on being a banker, while we focus on functionality, compliance and security. And at CSI, we know you don’t want to allocate valuable resources to hiring IT personnel to run your core.     

CSI NuPoint simplifies bank operations and provides the foundation for everything you do. From making and servicing loans to processing withdrawals and deposits, NuPoint is a cloud core banking platform that supports your banking technology.

Cloud Core Banking ... Simplified

When it comes to data processing, you need a core banking system vendor that delivers proven technology with unmatched customer support. CSI NuPoint simplifies the processes and applications essential to your bank’s everyday operations. Ideal for financial institutions wanting to operate in a service bureau environment, it makes your core operations personalized, optimized and secure.

NuPoint provides your bank with a dynamic, stable infrastructure, enhancing the performance of your branches, employees and customers, by delivering:

  • Full integration across banking platforms
  • Responsive, cloud-based architecture that eliminates hardware and software expenditures
  • Customized views of information at both the bank and user level
  • System flexibility so subscribable services are available to each user at any bank workstation
  • Robust reporting tools that track, monitor and analyze performance

An easy-to-use bank data processing platform, NuPoint is backed by superior service that puts your entire financial institution at your fingertips through a single sign-on.

Core Banking Solutions from NuPoint

Many financial institutions want more than a core processor—they want a core processing partner. That’s why CSI works one-on-one with each of our banks to find out what core banking solutions you need to be successful.

NuPoint systems offer a variety of bank core processing solutions to help you manage: 

Cloud core banking is more than technology. It’s about relationships. Find out more about CSI’s approach to core bank processing by completing an online form. CSI is building growth and relationships through technology and trust.